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Photo by S. D. Moran

May 15, 2009
WHRO Radio (Norfolk, VA)
HearSay with Cathy Lewis

April 22, 2009
KAXE Radio (Michigan)

April 20, 2009
KWGS (Tulsa, OK)
Studio Tulsa

April 13, 2009
KSFR Radio (Santa Fe, NM)
The Journey Home Radio Show with host Diego Mulligan

April 13, 2009
will am580 Illinois Public Media
The Afternoon Magazine with Celeste Quinn

April 7, 2009
Fox news TV (Washington D.C.)

March 21, 2009
KUOW Radio (Seattle, WA)
KUOW Presents

June 26, 2008
WOR Radio
The Joan Hamburg Show

May, 2008
Bridging the Distance in a Commuter Marriage

March 28, 2008
NPR Affiliate KUOW (Seattle)
Sound Focus

February 10, 2008
New York Times
A Valley of Misery Between Peaks of Joy

February 6, 2008
New York Observer
Modern Love Breeds Book Deals

January 17, 2008
NPR affiliate Wypr (baltimore)
The Mark Steiner Show