Standing By--called "Required reading for our time" by a U.S. Congresswoman--tells the story of today's modern military families from the perspective of an author with civilian roots who never imagined she would find herself on the other side of the divide. This candid account, one of the first memoirs by a military spouse of the Iraq War period, uses insight and humor to describe what passes for normal in a home with two young children when one parent is deployed on an aircraft carrier and the other is navigating the unfamiliar role of Navy wife. Throughout her journey,  a remarkable and surprising series of events challenges Alison's long-held assumptions about the military, motherhood, and even the nature of American citizenship. By sharing the ups and downs of a military family forged from a far-away war, Standing By offers lessons for families everywhere. You can buy the book here.

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 Alison’s essay, “War, Wives, and a Near Suicide,” from the New York Times “At War” blog, was also included in this New York Times ebook. You can buy the ebook here.


 Alison’s essay, “My Oxygen Mask,” was included in Stories Around the Table. You can buy the book here.